Is helpful to a fault.

Quite literally a Latcha institution, Marty was one of the first employees to join the company. He has more than 45 years of experience in the graphics industry, majoring in Graphics in high school and the ITU Trade School, as well as Business Administration in college. (He is rumored to have trained Gutenberg before he invented moveable type.)

Marty led the formation of digital graphics departments at several Detroit-area ad houses and agencies – including J. Walter Thompson’s Graphix Park – where he worked with our esteemed owner, Dave Latcha. He later made the move to work for Dave, and notably implemented his vision during the creation of Rocket Studios, one of Latcha’s sister companies.

Little-known fact about Marty: He’s an honest-to-goodness farmer, and loves to spend time on his farm where he hunts, fishes, gardens and feeds the wildlife.

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