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Audi A8
Audi A8

Audi was looking for a unique way to deliver a message to competitive brand drivers.

We put it right in their driveways.

Audi came to us for help with getting prospects into the A8 sedan. We created the “Test Drive” direct-mail campaign that used microtargeting to identify select, highly qualified individuals within a defined geographic area. The targets were currently driving competitive brand vehicles. Select BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus owners received a mailing that promised to deliver an Audi A8 to the recipient’s driveway for an extended test-drive.

The creative was unique in that the outer envelope was not branded. The package contained an intriguing all-white folder with embossing/debossing to create a highly tactile experience, emulating a modern architectural rendering. The mailer was designed to represent the target’s own driveway, and invited the recipient to visualize having the A8 parked at home. An accompanying letter and customized brochure (one of 3 targeted communications) directly compared the A8 to the competitive model that the person was currently driving – and a second follow-up reminder included an incentive. The program won a Gold Davey Award, but, more importantly, it wildly exceeded sales goals.

The entire program was done in-house except for the printing.