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Audi Service
Audi Service
Audi Service

How did we turn Service Managers into marketing pros?

We built an automated tool that does the work for them.

Audi Service Managers didn’t have the time or expertise to create the targeted marketing messages needed to drive their service business, and their existing off-the-shelf program wasn’t working.

Based on our learnings from interviews with dealership personnel, we created a custom marketing program – the Audi Marketing Operations Center (MOC) – that is so intuitive and easy to use, they only have to click a few buttons. The system does all of the work so they don’t have to.

The MOC has built-in artificial intelligence that allows Service Managers to send highly targeted messaging and offers based on individual data feeds derived from dealership performance reports – while always giving them the freedom to alter the messages based on local market knowledge. The data and real-time co-op tracking tools are constantly monitored to ensure that the recommended communications are right for each dealership. This means: right audience, right offer, right message, at the right time.

Today, the Audi MOC is the main dealer-marketing portal for Audi After Sales within all Audi dealers. In addition, Audi continues to hold the top service marketing position in the key industry survey (5 years running).