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Bissell needed to demonstrate how a new product feature worked before it existed – so we created something out of nothing.

Bissell had designed a new vacuum that they wanted to show in use. The vacuum’s unique handle was hinged so it could pivot, unlike others on the market, helping it reach under furniture without the user having to bend down. The problem: The product did not exist in physical form. Bissell had only CAD data, but they had no experience with CG.

To tackle the challenge, our CG team printed a 3D prototype of the handle on our FormLab printer. This physical output (made out of nothing but data) moved exactly like the real one would.

Our videographers shot live talent on a green screen with the mock-up to show how it works. Then, to make it all come to life, the CG artists animated, rendered imagery of the vacuum, and seamlessly composed it into the live footage to create the final animation.

The integration of shot video and CG animation was indistinguishable from a “real” product in use.