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Boy Scouts
Boy Scouts
Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts needed to get noticed by key donors.

So we camped out in their mailboxes.

Communications soliciting financial support are notoriously boring. We took a lighthearted, attention-getting approach to ensure that our communications for the Boy Scouts of America were thoroughly engaging and were not overlooked by recipients.

One of our favorites, inspired by a vintage First Aid Kit that the Boy Scouts actually used, was a tin that held a 17-panel “deck” that detailed the past year. On the flip side of each card, readers were surprised by a humorous look at “First Aid for the Office” with official-looking patches related to earning a “badge” every day at the office.

Another recreated the iconic Scout Field Tent in the form of a sturdy cardboard mailer, covered in canvas-like paper, with ends that opened like the flaps of a tent. Inside, recipients found a flashlight and a mini sleeping bag that held their annual report (including around-the-campfire ghost stories) and an appeal for support.

All of our campaigns generated great interest and significantly increased donations. Just the 2 we mention here won 9 awards, including the single-highest recognition given by several industry-leading organizations.