At Latcha, we look at Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) in a whole new light. Most agencies approach it as a series of emails or direct-mail pieces. We look at the entirety of a customer’s relationship with a brand. From conquesting and ownership, all the way through to re-engagement. We help clients own the customer lifecycle by finding and calculating the lifetime value, uncovering the traits and behaviors that help profile targeting efforts, and building loyalty in the brand (a process that starts much earlier than most clients realize).

Our CRM team is comprised of specialists who focus on more than the obvious. They re-think how relationship communications work, making them more personalized, more targeted, and more video-driven. The team includes technologists, digital and video creatives, strategists, traditional and social media experts, and production gurus. They work tirelessly to develop campaigns and cadences that cross channels, and keep customers engaged and excited throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

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