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Ford new-vehicle quality scores were bottoming out.

We satisfied their customers with videos that gave Ford a big boost.

When Ford came to us for help, their customer satisfaction scores (IQS) were in serious decline. The reason? New owners found features so complicated, they thought their vehicles were broken. Thanks to new European manufacturing and more advanced technologies, even previous Ford drivers didn’t know how to use their cars, trucks and SUVs.

In order to curtail the constant traffic to dealership service bays, we created short, instructional video “snacks” that explained ONE feature at a time in a way people could easily understand. We also devised a CG technique called the “invisible man” that didn’t require physical vehicles, talent or locations. This forward thinking allowed the videos to be used in foreign markets too, without being reconfigured.

The program is a huge success. Our initial assignment of 20 videos turned into 250, and the content has gone global. Ford customer satisfaction has improved consistently, and videos are now available on YouTube, in emails, and through a variety of other links and toolboxes so that customers can view them from just about anywhere.